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Car market into the

 Chinese automobile market with the rise in car ownership in the rapid rise, people's understanding of automotive service has been developed to personalized, humanized stage. Modern automotive consumers pay more attention to the experience of the service process. Including car maintenance, car decoration, car audio, car security, car electronics, car modification, car finance, car rescue used car service car service market is toward integration, branding, international direction.

 Automobile market, has entered the "iron age"!

 As a Motor City Changchun, Changchun auto industry has been a pillar industry of the economy, and the development of automobile market has become lagging behind. Automobile trade city no longer suited to the traditional model of urban development needs, 4S shop is relatively fragmented, maintenance enterprise level uneven ......

 Changchun urgent need to accelerate the planning and construction of modern service features automotive aftermarket items. Firmly relying on "two car" found greenway development opportunities, and began to seize the car market after this "big cake."

 In the production of "cake" in the process, and did not simply copy the greenway, but from the planning to the project introduction, all the best of the best. Project of the radiation effect not only in Changchun, but to achieve the three northeastern provinces, and even farther; project is to present fragmented, no longer meet the city's overall development, the automotive after-market enterprises, the introduction of a unified region, the formation of agglomeration effect ; the project is in line with modern service concept, the automotive aftermarket service do fine, painstaking, and stronger.

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