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Domestic fastener: To combat warlords mode first

 As a first fastener manufacturing country , our production enterprises Jiuzhan battlefield , can be described through hardships , from 2008 to the accession to the WTO , in the overseas frustrated , suffered enough , although a small achievement , but still can not get rid of " indigestion " , " outside without rival " embarrassing situation , is a quality problem , or that technical problems ? I think the crux of the problem is not here , but in our development model has drawbacks.

 Specifically , first, the lack of a sound industry standards, two as spare parts industry, an important part of the fastener industry, and even their own positioning is not accurate enough , in other words with the host enterprises long-standing conflicts, unrelated the pattern of state. This is our fastener industry has failed to break international barriers , out of the world , fighting warlords the crux of why we lost to foreign brands, the biggest obstacle.

 Industry product standards gaps

 Take domestic industry standards and abroad contrast , difficult to find between the two there is a big gap. Only fastener material standards , the domestic product standards generally do not prescribe specific material steel, only provides mechanical performance level desired chemical composition requirements , compared to individual U.S. standards such as ASTM standards will be on specific the material steel for specific provisions. Because there was no corresponding grades of steel, with international standards can not be accurately butt , nature will export has brought some difficulties. Although some domestic enterprises have begun to realize this , have developed a foreign fastener standards for new steel grades , but only forward in the process of a small step , the international standards to be in the industry to promote and perfect.

 Domestic fastener own role there is a deviation

 Has been the domestic fastener positioning itself is not very clear , blind production , the lack of host enterprises products supporting docking and cooperation. Can be said that most of the domestic fastener products are only in accordance with uniform standards for production, does not care about their own products can meet the market mainframe products supporting the resistance, the blind pursuit of their own factory capacity , and thus tightening piece became a " wild card " fasteners , but in supporting host applications mechanical stability will be difficult to ensure .

 With foreign brand products, we are missing is the " single-minded " and " dedication " , for that matter , I very much agree with the construction machinery industry expert Mr. Wang Changjiang mentioned OEM development model, the idea in the fastener industry the same applies , it is the aforementioned fastener manufacturers require networking host companies , which can be one to one, or even many supporting production.

 I think that to want our fastener industry campaign international battlefield, war heroes , the first " forage " first , which is the industry standard for perfection , and the host companies take the help of alliances , coupled with its own technology to enhance the quality to win their own piece country.

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 Note : International Fastener products are metric standard and inch standard two relatively independent of the standard system. Metric standard that is the European standard system to the international ISO, EC and EN standards and French DIN standards -based. American Standard of the Americas standard system to ASTM ASTM, Society of Automotive Engineers SAE standards and American Fastener Technology Association IFI standards -based ( British Standard to ASTM, SAE -based ) .

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