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China's fastener exports to a large number of countries in the world

China is a big country of countrywide existing fastener production, greatly smallfastener enterprises more than 7000, in 2007 the fastener production reached 5250000 tons, accounting for the global fastener production 1/4, output has been for many years ranked first in the world, but at present our country production fasteningpieces of low strength, low grade of products, the following 8.8 ordinary low-gradestandard fasteners accounted for about 45%-50%.

At present, the global fastener mainly for the automotive industry, electronic industry and building and repair industry. Among them, the automobile industry is the largest user demand, accounting for about 23.2% of the total sales volume of fasteners;followed by repair industry market and construction industry, accounting for about20% of the total sales volume of fasteners; third is the electronic industry, accounting for about 16.6% of the total sales volume of fasteners.

China fastener products exported to countries around the world, fastener products all over the world is also a continuous influx China market. Fasteners as China's import and export of one of the larger volume of products, and achieve international standards, to promote the Chinese fastener enterprises to the world, to promote thefastener enterprises to participate in international cooperation and competition, areused to display the significance and strategic significance.

In recent years, the average annual growth rate of global fastener market demand is about 5%. The next few years, the global fastener industry will enter a period of steady development. According to statistics, in 2010, China produced about 6000000 tons of fasteners, exports amounted to US $4000000000, while imports reached 28.7dollars, is expected in the future, this figure will continue to grow for several years.

At present our country to more than 50 countries (regions) the number of fastenersexport, which exports to the EU, Australia, America maximum, exports of the top sixcountries and regions were USA first, Germany second, Japan third, UK fourth, Italy fifth and Hongkong sixth, of which exports to the American, Germany and Japan and the number of accounts for 1/3 of total exports strong. In 2007 China's exportfasteners 2570000 tons, accounting for the 48.95% of production.

Chinese is the largest trading country Japan fasteners. Before 2011 November, Japanfrom the fastening Chinese imported parts accounted for more than the Japanesefastener total imports of 50%, Japan's exports to Japan accounted for Chinesefastener fastener total exports about 25%. According to the Japan Bank for international cooperation annual questionnaire to 600 large Japanese manufacturingenterprises show, overseas investment in the areas of concern, the annual Chinese is the first, in which, with particular attention China regions in Western china.

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