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Fastener cleaning of common summary of the six big problem

In order to fasteners to better use, we use fasteners, need regular maintenance, such as regular cleaning of fasteners, so it can improve the efficiency in the use of fasteners. But we in the cleaning of fastener, often found some problems, mainly in sixcommon problems.

1, rinse pollution

Fastening parts after quenching with Portland cleaner, and then rinse, appears on the surface of XX solid matter, will use the infrared spectrometer on this analysis,confirmed the inorganic silicate and ferric oxide. This is because not rinse thoroughlywith silicate residues in surface caused by fasteners.

2, fastener piling unreasonable

The fastener after tempering with the color signs, with ether soak, let volatile ether oilyresidue remaining after the discovery, such material is high content of lipids. Explain the fasteners by the cleaning agent and the quenching oil pollution in the rinsingstage, in the heat treatment temperature of melting, leave a chemical burn scars, such material confirmed fasteners surface is not clean. Analyzed by infrared spectrometer,is a mixture of quenching in oil base oil and ether. Ether may come from thequenching oil additives. Quenching oil analysis confirmed the results of mesh belt furnace in heating: fasteners for piling unreasonable, fasteners in the quenching oil in the mild oxidation, but is almost negligible, associated with this phenomenon and the cleaning process, rather than the problem of quenching oil.

3, surface residue

A white residue high strength screws, were analyzed by infrared spectrometer,confirmed the phosphide. No acid cleaning agent cleaning, and found that the bathhas a higher carbon solubility of rinse tank inspection, should be regularly to the tank liquid drained, often to test the concentration level of rinsing groove of the lye.

4, alkali burn

Black outer surface of high strength bolt quenching afterheat black with uniform,smooth. But there are visible in the outer ring of orange XX. In addition, there arevisible slightly light blue or light red area. The original bar and wire rod for cold heading are coated with the phosphating film and tapping, without rinsing direct heat treatment, cooling in the quenching oil, alkaline cleaning agent cleaning, dry (do notrinse), 550 C tempered, hot dipping antirust oil is removed from the tempering furnace, the red spots found in screw thread at.

By detecting the screws on the red area is caused by alkali burns, alkaline cleaningagent containing chloride, calcium compound material will be in the heat treatment of steel fasteners to burn, in the fastener surface scarring.

Iron and steel fasteners in the quench oil can't remove the surface alkaline substances, so that the surface of burn in high temperature austenite state, andaggravate the injury in the next step of tempering. The suggestion is thoroughly cleaned prior to heat treatment and rinsing fasteners, completely remove lead to basic residues fasteners burn.

5, improper rinsing

Fastener of large specification is often used in the solution of polymer quenching,quenching before the alkaline cleaning agent cleaning and rinsing, fastening partsafter quenching has been in the inner rust. Analyzed by infrared spectrometer,confirmed in addition to iron oxide, and sodium, potassium and sulfur, illustrate thefastener medial sticky with alkaline cleaning agent, is likely to be potassium hydroxide,sodium carbonate or similar substances, promote its rust. Fasteners on the rinsing to check for excessive pollution, also suggested that the regular exchange of rinse water. In addition, the water is good to join the anti rust agent method.

6, excessive rust

High strength fasteners often see some black stripes, also seen in the trial, has usedthe fastener of inorganic and organic cleaner rinse prior to heat treatment, quenchingor that there is still a black stripe even prior to heat treatment carefully cleaning, will also leave streaks after heat treatment. Analysis of surface residues of pollutants by infrared spectrometer, found a high concentration of sulfur and calcium. A small amount of acetic acid with isopropyl alcohol,&nb, sp;put a small piece of filter paper folded intest spots at the hard wipe, will the dark spots on the filter paper. The filter paper was analyzed by infrared spectrometer, calcium, sulfur, iron, confirmed that themanganese and chromium is one of the main elements.

Rust has calcium and sulfur that quenching oil, this substance is dried up, the evolution is in the gas phase of the quenching process. Because oil quenchingexcessive aging, suggest that poured out of the old oil, add new oil, the implementation process of supervision and the quenching oil maintenance in all the process cycle.

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