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Car knowledge of automobile assembly meeting

The number of parts, parts, components or accessories assembled, and function of independentautomotive components, such as engine, transmission, steering, front axle, rear axle, body,chassis and cab etc..

In the automobile manufacturing, assembly or repair work, usually to the assembly as the independent structural units to organize production. Some of the major automobile assemblybefore loading performance tests were conducted in accordance with certain technical specifications. In car repairs, sometimes take the total exchange method, which is an assemblyfrom the car assembly, replaced or repaired and tested, so as to shorten the time to stop auto repair factory, but also conducive to the operation of the organization and the operation of repair quality improvement.

In simple terms: assembly and a series of products to form a whole, all parts system to achieve a specific function. Assembly combination, that is.

For example: the automobile drive shaft assembly, namely: a collection of various related parts of the transmission shaft, can realize power transmission.

The engine assembly refers to the overall synthesis means, including the engine, motor, pump and so on, is a complete working machine, so called assembly.

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