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New car maintenance use errors
Many people have bought a new car. However, due to lack of experience, many owners in the new car maintenance and use of the existence of errors. If the new car maintenance, the use of improper, light will lead to the vehicle damage, serious and even affect the life safety of the driver and passengers.
Learn to look at the failure of the instrument panel.
Novice driver, learn to see the dashboard is very important. Always watch the pointer on the dashboard, pay close attention to the icon displayed on the dashboard. Usually see the dashboard on the red light, as soon as possible to stop and check.
Especially in rural areas, in the rugged road, if the "bang" to hang up, you can not do not matter, it is possible to touch the bottom of the oil pot, and may be left out of the oil. In this case, the instrument panel will show the red oil pot and water wave logo. Encounter this situation, should immediately stop and stop. If you do not understand the situation, the new car will continue to move forward, it will be a big problem, resulting in engine damage.
Parking must pull the handbrake
Many new drivers, in the habit of stopping the gear lever in the neutral. This habit is very bad, easy to make the transmission bar to move into the forward gear, which is dangerous.
Parking, must pull the hand brake, or very easy to hit someone else's car; and if the ramp may also have a greater risk. Do not pay attention to this problem many people learn to drive, this accident has been a lot of. But in the process of moving the handbrake must be put in position.
At any time to pay attention to the case of abnormal sound
In driving, the driver should pay close attention to the sound of the vehicle parts. Once found the car has a different sound, the first to accurately judge the sound from the car or the car. If you are sure to come from the car, it should have little to do; if you come out of the car, you should stop and check it out. In the case of no extinction, if the sound disappeared, can be judged to be the difference in the process of driving, may be the wheel, tire, gearbox, drive shaft, suspension ring; if it continues to ring, may be the engine out of the problem.
At this time, you should listen carefully to the voice from which part, which direction. If it is a new car, you can go slowly, may be a tire with a nail or stick a small stone ring, sometimes on the brakes will also have abnormal sound, may be brake pads, it may be a large density of parts caused by normal abnormal.
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