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What does the automobile drive shaft assembly include
The drive shaft assembly is composed of a shaft pipe, a telescopic sleeve and a universal joint. Telescopic sleeve can automatically adjust the distance between the transmission and drive axle. Universal joint is to ensure the transmission output shaft and a driving input shaft axis and two axis angle changes, and to realize the two axis angular velocity transmission.
A universal coupling
The universal joint is the key part of the automobile drive shaft. Car is a moving object. In the rear drive vehicle, the engine, clutch and transmission are mounted on the frame as a whole, and the drive axle is connected with the frame through an elastic suspension, and a distance between the two is required to be connected. The road surface is uneven in the running of the car.
General universal joints by cross axis, cross bearing and flange fork, etc.. The universal joint is the key part of the automobile drive shaft. In the front engine, rear wheel drive vehicles, the universal joint drive shaft is installed in the transmission output shaft and drive axle main reducer input shaft between; front engine front drive vehicle omits the transmission shaft, universal joint installation is responsible for driving and be responsible for steering the front axle shaft and between the wheels. When the vehicle is running in the middle of the road, the load change or the two assembly position are different, so the transmission output shaft and the drive axle of the drive axle are changed.
Telescopic sleeve
The transmission shaft of the traditional structure is the spline sleeve is welded with the flange fork, and the spline shaft is welded on the drive shaft. The new type of transmission shaft is a traditional structure, the spline sleeve and the transmission shaft tube welded into one, the drive shaft and the shaft of the spline shaft into one. And the rectangular tooth spline is changed into a large pressure angle involute spline, which can both increase the strength and facilitate extrusion forming, and adapt to the needs of large torque conditions. In the tooth surface of the expansion sleeve and the spline shaft, the whole coating is immersed in a layer of nylon material, which not only increases the wear resistance and self lubrication, but also reduces the impact load on the drive shaft, and improves the buffer capacity.
This drive shaft in the flange of the spline shaft outside the increase of a tube seal protection, in the protection sleeve set up two polyurethane rubber seal, so that the formation of a fully sealed space, so that the expansion of the spline shaft is not subject to the erosion of the outside world, not only dust and rust. Therefore in the assembly in the spline shaft and the sleeve disposable smearing grease, it can completely meet the requirements, do not need to install the grease nipples, reduce the maintenance content.
Axle tube
In order to reduce friction and wear and tear of the shaft of the design, the basic purpose and the bearing is no different, but the relative cost is cheaper, but the friction is relatively large, so it will only be used in some parts of the. The sleeve are made of copper, but also has a plastic sleeve. The sleeve is placed on the multi axis and the supporting structure, and is very close to the supporting structure, only the shaft to rotate on the shaft sleeve. In the assembly of shaft and sleeve, between the two will add lubricant to reduce friction generated when turning.
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