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Fastener transformation and upgrading "welcome spring"
In the whole manufacturing industry chain, the volatility of raw materials prices is understandable as a downstream fastener industry, but it is not a point of no way, the future development of fasteners should be rooted.
In the entire manufacturing industry chain, raw material price fluctuation is understandable affect as a downstream of the fastener industry, but not a little way no, fastener future development should be a fundamental solution to the problem, how to solve the transition capacity of low-end products? How to grasp the timing of the procurement of raw materials to achieve low-cost production capacity? How to reduce production costs and save resources? These are issues that companies should face.
Raw materials are rising, passive enterprise will be shuffling to survival and development to take the initiative, another way to practice good exercise to benefit the internal organs to respond to changes in the market. Reduce costs mainly adopts two methods: 1, reduce the content of alloy elements or by the other low alloy elements as a reinforcing material; 2, lower fastening piece manufacturing costs, such as to reduce the bolt in the production process of heat treatment process and the use of the non modulated steel, in order to improve the nut machinery processing capacity of the free cutting steel and so on. And technology of automobile industry of our country introduce pushed the of the application of cold heading steel materials, some of the main high strength fasteners the foreign corresponding standard materials, think to to save resources the goal, to accelerate the research and development of special bolt special steel will be in the next 3-5 years attention. This is also tight in the case of raw materials prices soaring trend of development.
"We should look to the future," high "" aerospace "" highway "airport" national key construction projects are tight enterprises to high-end provides an opportunity and new 3400 aircraft Boeing future 20 plans, national development and Reform Commission investment 80 billion yuan in the construction of six urban orbit traffic, according to 36 plan construction of urban rail transit project of urban planning, to 2020, new urban rail transit operating mileage will reach 6500 kilometers, rail fastener demand up to 55-70 million yuan. These large projects will greatly enhance the high strength fasteners, titanium alloy and other high-end fastening parts demand, remove the "low-end" label may not be without.
Hardware fastener enterprises the most talked about is "transformation" and "upgrade", however, under the premise of the transformation and upgrading, the vast majority of China's fastener enterprises to face such a situation: rising raw materials prices, RMB appreciation, labor costs rise. Cost of raw material prices led to the enterprises have to raise product prices, but product prices on the premise is improvement of technology and brand strength, which is a continuous process, which for small and medium enterprises fasteners, technology improvement is a bottleneck, they need hard quite in the past.
Review the development history of the past of the fastener industry, the inevitable product is not difficult to find when the saturation market sales. China fastener production accounted for a quarter of global production, but most of the low strength, low grade of products, which below the 8.8 magnitude standard parts account for about 45% - 50%, in the high prices of raw materials, the environment, low-grade standard parts production capacity excess become a stumbling block to the fastener industry development. Excess capacity and large amounts of inventory backlog leading to tension in the capital of enterprise operation, the enterprise wants to will cost transformation for profits have to open a new path, increase the technical inputs, with good technology to open up a broader market resources.
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