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Types of fasteners
1, electro galvanized
Electro galvanized steel is one of the most common surface treatment methods and technology in the manufacture of fasteners.
Electro galvanized coating is a typical anodic coating, which is mainly used to improve the corrosion resistance of the substrate. Because of its thin coating thickness, it is mainly used in the general environmental conditions of the surface protection.
After chromate treatment, has greatly increased corrosion resistance, excellent zinc plating layer can be for neutral hit the outside door, but in harsh industrial atmosphere and coastal climate anti-corrosion performance is poor.
Electro galvanized surface treatment method and process technology, low cost, stable and reliable, easy to use. However, easy to produce hydrogen embrittlement phenomenon, so galvanized should be timely to hydrogen treatment. In addition, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion time is short, the process of low environmental protection.
2, powder zinc
Zinc powder is used as a source of zinc, and zinc is produced by heating, and the surface of the zinc - iron alloy layer (zinc - iron alloy layer) was treated by the diffusion of iron atoms.
The main component of sherardizing is pure zinc powder, adding amount of filler such as alumina materials, refractory soil and ammonium chloride.
The most prominent feature of the zinc powder is not an external coating, but the base metal and the infiltrated layer form an organic whole, so the combination is very strong. The hardness and corrosion resistance of powder coating are much better than that of zinc coating.
Powder zinc plating process is the surface treatment of the workpiece is embedded with a powder zinc penetration of the sealing container, so that the heating to the melting point of zinc, heat preservation time, and then with the furnace cooling to room temperature.
The most prominent feature of zinc powder is that the layer is uniform, no ammonia is crisp, almost no deformation. Particularly suitable for nuts, bolts and other fasteners and hardware products, complex shape of workpiece and powder metallurgy products surface anti-corrosive treatment process.
3, mechanical zinc plating
Mechanical plating is in zinc powder and dispersing agent, accelerator, and the liquid medium (usually water) etc. material existence conditions, by the impact of the media (such as glass balls), impact on steel parts surface, and the workpiece surface formation galvanized layer surface treatment process.
Mechanical zinc coating is a kind of anticorrosive coating formed by the process of the process of the zinc plating and the hot dip galvanizing.
Technology characteristics: room temperature operation, by rotation of the loading for parts to be plated cylinder, cylinder of the impact media with the rotation of the drum, and parts collide with each other produce mechanical impact, collision deposition of zinc powder on the surface of the workpiece, thus forming a plated coating having metal zinc basic physical characteristic of.
Technical characteristics: galvanized process of mechanical plating has no harm to the hydrogen embrittlement of high strength steel.
Process defects: the thickness of the zinc layer is uneven; the zinc layer is not as smooth as the plating layer.
4, hot dip galvanizing
Hot dip galvanizing usually called hot galvanizing
Hot dip galvanizing is the after pretreatment of iron and steel parts into the molten zinc, on the surface of the formation of zinc and (or) zinc - iron alloy coating, coating process and method to obtain.
Application of hot dip galvanizing is extremely broad, such as hot dip galvanizing freeway traffic stall (highway corrugated beam steel guardrail fastener connection pair), pipelines and electricity transmission using a large number of hot dip galvanized fastening pieces and other fastener.
The service life of hot dip galvanizing process itself and in addition, there is a direct relationship between the attachment and galvanized layer.
Hot dip galvanized layer covering the protection ability, ability against atmospheric corrosion is better than galvanized.
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