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 2012 China 's automobile production and sales reached 19,271,800 and 19,306,400 , both once again set the world record fourth consecutive year in the world. Chinese consumers are increasingly demanding automotive products , the market demand-driven automotive anti-corrosion technology continues to upgrade. Innovative anti-corrosion technology can not only improve the appearance of the car quality, more importantly, can improve the car's inherent quality , vehicle safety , extend vehicle life.

 Relatively well-known international car companies , China's auto industry also belong to the field of corrosion and protection infancy. Large foreign enterprises have their own evaluation system corrosion products ( specialized corrosion evaluation units , corrosion test methods , corrosion design manual, corrosion evaluation manual , corrosion assessment procedures , parts corrosion life requirements , etc. ) ; product design, material selection, anti-corrosion technology , users corrosion strength to grasp , and so has a very high level .

 While domestic auto companies on how to avoid corrosion from the structural design , selection of materials with excellent performance , advanced technology and other aspects of comprehensive anti-corrosion there is blindness , causing poor corrosion products . How to meet consumer demand, while based on the development of the automotive industry to the needs of enterprises to integrate social resources, promote technology innovation and enterprise to build cars for Corrosion and Protection system and carry out special technology development and other problems for the auto companies raised a higher demand .

 Society of Automotive Engineers of China as the Chinese auto industry spread new ideas, exchange of new technologies, an important force to promote the new ideas and promote the exchange of international automotive industry an important bridge , inviting domestic professional societies , trade associations, automobile companies , and the majority of suppliers , jointly explore the development of anti-corrosion technology , surface treatment technology and vehicle corrosion control, advanced painting technology and vehicle corrosion, corrosion ( aging ) detection and analysis technology , vehicle and system corrosion protection and control technology and other aspects of the topic .

 The forum is organized for the first time in automotive products against corrosion ( aging ) technology cross-industry forum was held , is that I will explore building a new platform for academic exchange activities in a useful attempt . The meeting brought together FAW , Dongfeng, Chang'an, Chery , Foton , Brilliance , Great Wall, SAIC , Guangzhou Automobile , Beijing Automotive , Geely and other 22 automobile companies, including automotive suppliers involved in corrosion and aging-related materials, surface treatment chemicals , product design, production and processing , vehicle , parts and metal rust corrosion evaluation and nonmetallic aging ( plastics, rubber , paint , oil , adhesives , etc. ) for testing and evaluation , packaging, transportation and related equipment , equipment and other enterprises.

 Forum uses technical presentations, roundtable interviews, matchmaking and other forms, the meeting site academic atmosphere , questions enthusiastically , exchange in-depth . Through this meeting to deepen the automotive industry and preservative ( aging ) field exchanges between enterprises , set up to demonstrate results , learn a good platform technology , to promote the domestic auto industry anti-corrosion technology advances, led the entire industry, technological innovation .

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