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Automatic vehicle maintenance notice what the old driver weapon
The car can be divided into 3 types of different types of cars, automatic, manual and manual. The operation of the automatic models of three types of operations are the most simple, many open automatic car drivers will think the operation is very simple, so automatic compared models and other two models, the electrical components used will be more, so in the maintenance should pay attention to the East and West are more automatic stop vehicle maintenance in the maintenance of the common sense of what time.
Maintenance Note: always check the automatic transmission oil level is normal
Automatic vehicle maintenance notice what the old driver weapon
Check method of automatic gearbox oil and engine oil is not the same, the engine oil in the cold state inspection, and transmission oil is necessary to preheat the oil to 50 degrees Celsius, then the gear lever in each gear position for 2 seconds after a stop block, then the normal oil level oil foot should be located in the most high. With the lowest line such as not enough, the same quality in time to add oil.
Maintenance Note two: correct transmission oil
Automatic vehicle maintenance notice what the old driver weapon
The oil present a better method is a dynamic change, the gearbox special cleaning equipment, in the operation process of the gearbox, the full cycle of the old oil, drained and then add a new gearbox oil, so oil change rate more than 90, to ensure a good effect of oil.
Maintenance Note three: master the replacement of automatic transmission oil cycle
Automatic vehicle maintenance notice what the old driver weapon
The internal control mechanism of automatic transmission is very precise, with the gap is small, so most manufacturers recommend automatic transmission oil cycle is generally 4~6 years or thousand kilometers. In the normal use of the process, the transmission oil temperature is generally around 120 degrees Celsius, so the high quality of the oil requirements, must also be kept clean. Secondly, the gearbox oil to use after a long time will produce grease, sludge may be formed, will increase the wear of the friction plate and the parts, but also the hydraulic system, the power transmission is affected. Third, the dirty oil sludge in the mobile body each valve in the poor hydraulic control of the affected, so that automatic transmission abnormal.
Automatic models many users reflect is very good, but for those who love old drivers are generally open manual models, because they think that automatic models did not mean much, feel the car power. Automatic models in maintenance should pay more attention to what maintenance matters, although we do not understand it, but still want to learn more about car maintenance knowledge, but also can use the.
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