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Explain how to reduce the probability of fastener locking
And often to make people know the hardware, fasteners, often in the course of the locked state, the fastener lock will cause the fastener itself operation to lose efficacy, which is unable to remove or to lock fastener. What is the reason for the fastener to lock it? How can we avoid the state of the fastener lock? Chinese standard parts network for everyone to explain the knowledge of reducing the probability of fastener lock.
1, fastener lock reason
The lock fastener is generally made in stainless steel or alloy material products, this is because the metal material itself has the ability of anti-corrosion, once the metal surface fastener damage will appear oxide layer to provide protection against corrosion increased, but when the fastener is locked that force generated by pressure and heat will destroy the oxide layer, the metal block or shear thread, and occurrence of adhesion phenomenon, it is locked.
2, the method of fastening to avoid locking:
Lock fasteners can not completely eliminate, but we can reduce the probability of lock occurs by paying attention to various factors, such as to ensure the load capacity of fasteners, screws and nuts to choose more tensile strength etc..
The threaded fastener is clean but also on whether to lock effect when the thread is rough or not clean, lock more often, so be sure to fasteners cleaning before use to remove iron or dirt.
Fasteners in the right, proper lubrication, the metal parts due to the heat generated by the force will be effectively reduced, so that it will reduce the probability of the occurrence of fastener lock.
When the fastener is installed in the correct way, the lock is less likely to die.
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